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We are always pleased to give a decent discount to our Loyal clients.





Retail Window Cleaning


When potential customers come to your business, the first thing they will see and judge you on is the outside of your business. Your business deserves to look as great as the products and services you offer. Don’t let dirty windows stop you from attracting the business you want and deserve. 


We offer a tailor-made  window cleaning service for shops,pubs,stores,restaurants,retail units and etc...


Now we are available on a scooter unit in order to give you the best price.Why we are using a specially equipped scooter unit for retailer window cleaning ;


  • To avoid the congestion charge fee

  • Reducing our time in traffic jam

  • Saving from parking space

  • Reduce our fuel expenses

  • Reduce our vehicle insurance costs

  • Same day service available

  • Flexible time schedule

  • Cheap window cleaning


We reflect all the prices and expenses to our clients that we are saving from our specially equipped scooter window cleaning unit.








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